Jealousy In Relationships

Classic stanza’s that reach the heart and soul  with prose that slip from thought to heart to remind us we are never alone. With worldwide downloads exceeding 250K and the beautiful Heathcliff’s Soul included this is one poetry book you must read.

Creating A Powerful Book Marketing Strategy That Works.

A good strategy should never be set in stone, especially in an ever-evolving industry such as publishing. As we move into 2016, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram still dominate the social media scene.

Should Authors Pay For Book Reviews & How Many Authors Pay To Have Their Books Reviewed?

It’s a question that’s courted more than a little controversy over the years, but there’s a significant difference between paying for a book review with no influence over the resulting review and paying for a review that is guaranteed to be overwhelmingly favourable,

Classic Whodunits And The Formula New Crime Fiction Authors Can Still Use To Write Bestsellers.

Few Crime Fiction authors genuinely excel at successfully misleading their readers and revealing an unlikely suspect as the real villain of the story and those that do can invariably be found at the very top of Whodunit Bestseller lists.