Brexit Poses Imminent Threat to UK’s Creative Industries

Having a strong relationship with Europe has allowed British publishers to enjoy the financial benefits that come with exclusive English-language rights to books sold continent-wide. Britain risks losing these benefits post-Brexit.

Last Light

Nine words, written in an ancient language, are found embedded deep in the pixels of a photograph taken by Photographer Matt Reese. Struck by a flash of light Matt and model Elaine Gardner experience a simultaneous near-death experience that leads them to the epicenter of a world on the brink of nuclear war.

Celtic Knot A Clara Swift Tale

1868 Ottawa

D’Arcy McGee is assassinated. As John A. Macdonald cradles his friend’s bloody head, he blames transplanted Irish terrorists: the Fenian Brotherhood.

51st Directive

The deepest parts of the Internet hold the secrets of a world that will never be the same as Homeland Security Presidential Directive 51 overrides every freedom you believed you had when you woke up this morning.

Books About Near Death Experiences – Changing Our Perceptions Of Life After Death.

Near Death Experience’s or NDEs as they are more commonly called are not a new phenomenon; they’ve been reported throughout history and yet few subjects create so much division.