Love and Jealousy. The Power of Fiction In Identifying Destructive Relationships.

It’s been glamorized in fiction and films. Think Fatal Attraction or Single White Female but jealousy isn’t a sign of love. It’s a negative and destructive emotion stemming from both desire and insecurity.

Should You Write Your Memoir?

A good memoir, told well with a modicum of literary prowess, builds an emotional bridge to its author.

Political Fiction

Political Thriller

An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, Siren Song is an epic mosaic of interrelated characters and the ripples their actions leave in their wake.

Political Thrillers & The Secret To Writing Them!

Great Political Thrillers

Pitching the rhetoric at just the right point between the believable and the unbelievable compels the reader to continue, and forces them to ponder on possible political realities of the future.