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Books Of Enchantment - The Magic We Rarely Find!

The Power To Change Us

I have always thought of books as the most stalwartly of companions. Especially the illustrated classics. Silent yet steady, dismissive of my moods and the best of remedies when troubles vex a restless mind. It also seems to me that even the most modest of writers must in time come to exert influence, for the betterment or not, upon the minds of those, young or old, who read their books. For once drawn to the pages of a book we each of us have it within ourselves to grow the ways in which we relate to the world about us through the enduring simplicity of reflection.

Books Of Enchantment

As the years advance, I have lost count of how many books I’ve read but on reflection, it hardly seems relevant. What is truly noteworthy is how the best children’s stories leave a lasting impression on us. Each word weighed and not tallied for if there is an art to reading then surely it is in discovering what we believe. Yet I wonder how many writers are truly cognizant of the extraordinary influence their words might over time exert. And I wonder if the word written is the same for one writer as it is for another. For whilst one might wrench each word from the indeterminate depths of their soul, others appear to write with such casual verve as to pull them like a rabbit from a hat.

The Magic We Rarely Find

Looking back upon my childhood I consider myself most fortunate for the liberty I had to read without discrimination. These were my halcyon days. Not a minute I regret, for on reflection there were few days lived so fully as those conjured from the pages of a book. That had high adventure all about me as imagination ran rampant, safe harbours built when darkness prevailed. Gunslinger, pirate, spaceman and more I gave each incarnation free reign, yet it is only now I find myself considering the subtleties of those words that have shaped my life. The magic so many have worked on me and I can only conclude that books are the most marvellous and dangerous of enchantments!

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