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Love Reading For Children
And The Power Of Imagination

Albert Einstein said that “No doubt imagination, then, is a great thing to have if it yields such rich thinking in adulthood“- But when does imagination start in the brain? And how important  is developing the love of reading For children and the power of imagination for developing imagination young minds?

Scientific research has found that plasticity and neural re-modelling continues in varying degrees throughout our lives. However, the infant brains will to understand and connect creates continuous episodes of imagination, as the brain formats itself for the future. Children have creative imaginations which give them the ability to visualise, creating make believe scenarios which have not yet happened.

In this way, imagination directly influences a child`s emotional and physical development and allows children to very quickly express themselves verbally and physically, act, react and interact, and try out different roles and scenarios within the safe boundaries of their own mind.

A child`s ability for critical thinking and creative problem solving evolve from imagination-think back again to Albert Einstein! Imagination encourages a child to think outside the box, giving them the freedom to experiment with different thoughts, ideas and perspectives, which stimulates their ability and desire to overcome obstacles and create solutions for themselves.

Imagination never ceases, for to imagine is to be human – but it is the imagination of childhood that is continually retrained, sharpened, qualified and given direction as we grow. However, it can only develop if a good foundation is laid down at the crucial time of exceptional plasticity-early childhood. And this is why it’s so important to develop a love of reading in younger minds.

One way to stimulate your child`s imagination is to adopt a healthy routine of bed-time stories. Not only will these help your child sleep, but they will also stimulate the imagination by encouraging your child to picture what the scenes or images of the story are telling them.

Books offer children the opportunity to visit other worlds and create new ones of their own. To encourage your youngster’s imagination, read to them every day, choose books that are magical and fantastical. Feed their minds, creating a rich creative soil in which they can grow. You never know, you may create another Albert Einstein!

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