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Novels like Coma by Robin Cook, The Andromeda Strain, by Michael Crichton, Richard Matheson’s, I Am Legend and Walter M. Miller, Jr., A Canticle for Leibowitz have made a major contribution to our continued fascination with world-ending events.

Armageddon fiction Is not an easy sub-genre to successfully write in. An author needs to be well informed and prepared to do extensive research whilst the overarching thriller genre suffers from an avalanche of formulaic writing.

In some ways, apocalyptic literature is a balancing act. Readers want plenty of forward momentum and action but they’re overwhelmingly drawn to humankind’s propensity for deceit coupled with our inherent need to see good prevail. So when it comes to the end of the world it’s not hard to see why a number of best-selling authors are making money out of predicting it! Especially novels that foretell supernaturally inspired cataclysmic events that will transpire at the end of the world.

These are ironclad conventions which have stood the test of literary time but armageddon fiction and world-ending conspiracy thrillers take us that little bit further. Cerebral and suspenseful the good ones elicit heightened feelings of suspense, excitement, surprise, anticipation and anxiety but they are unique in that they often have an unknown element which can’t be quantified.

Whether it’s the supernatural, technology, some rare bacteria or manufactured infectious disease, we hope our fearless protagonist will win the day but something without a conscience doesn’t conform to our expectations and this is where bestselling authors work their particular kind of magic.

For new writers wanting to combine armageddon fiction with the thriller genre the authors at the top of their game are daunting competition. Many come from medical or religious backgrounds but there is a way of levelling the playing field. Armageddon fiction taps into our fear of becoming extinct and whilst a full-on crime thriller might feel dispersed and intangible because it’s outside our sphere of experience the fear of an untimely end is something that touches us all.

We expect to overcome anything the world throws at us but the fear that we can’t leaves us contemplating our own mortality and our shared fears for humanity!

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Summer of ’77: Beaches, bars and boogie nights in Ibiza

A holiday can change everything…

…it did for Fred.

He went on a two-week break with three friends to the Spanish island of Ibiza in July 1976. It was so enjoyable they all vowed to come back for the following season.

In April 1977, Fred returned to Ibiza, alone, in pursuit of his dream.

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With its relentless pace and clever plot, Zipline makes for an appealing and compelling read but it’s not a read to be rushed with it being the progress of Michael’s plot, not the process, which makes Zipline particularly intriguing.

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Family Saga Memoir

From a persecuted and reviled existence in their beloved Armenia, a ‘land of singing in the streets, fine foods and gardens and orchards beside the shores of Lake Van’, ‘Destiny of Determination-Faith and Family’, sees the survival of a fractured family as they struggle to make a new life for themselves in the United States.
With a focus on Hrang, the youngest son, this uplifting memoir spans over a Century of love and loss, and of acceptance and discrimination.

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