The Best Baby Development Books Reviewed By BookViral

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For Both Parents & Early Years Educators Alike

100 Ways in 100 Days to Teach your Baby MATHS
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  • ASIN: ‎ B09D7VYGP1
  • Publisher: ‎ Matador (19 Aug. 2021)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 318 pages
  • Genre:  Baby Development

The BookViral Review: 

100 Ways in 100 Days to Teach your Baby MATHS, is equally valuable as a full read as individuals embark on the adventure of parenthood, or as a ‘go to’ bible throughout a child’s development. Emma L Smith gently reminds us how to mindfully support a child’s numeracy, starting from the very beginning of a child’s life, and throughout their formative years.

In this instructive manual, Emma L Smith does not preach, but rather offers a clear solid rationale behind her unique approach and supports this with research and literature, that the earlier the intervention, the better the outcome.

Each intervention is wrapped in a warm hug, promoting a gentle approach, and creating a nurturing atmosphere. They promote teaching the context of numeracy, creating a solid foundation, and removing the fear and mystery surrounding Maths which can be inadvertently passed on to young ones.

One of the most impressive aspects of Smith’s book is the sheer volume of activities, ‘maths habits’ and ideas; suggestions about how fairly complicated mathematic processes, such as probability, can be taught to very young children. Or how music, sensory time, or crafts can support maths development; activities that can be integrated seamlessly into busy lives and hectic schedules.

However, 100 Ways in 100 Days to Teach your Baby Maths, is so much more than a Maths book. This delightful read encompasses all areas of development, from bonding and social and emotional development to literacy, language, and physical development, and demonstrates perfectly how all these elements slot together to help a child thrive. Advice on diet, screen use, sleep, and even which type of pushchair to purchase is backed up by mindful reasoning.

Last but not least, Emma L Smith addresses ‘Growth Mindset’, perhaps the most important gift we can pass on to children as they embark on a lifetime of learning.

Recommended unreservedly for both parents and Early years educators alike.

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