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A BookViral Review Of Seeking Glory By Patricia Hamilton Shook

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SUMMARY: A Novel About Relationships, Loss, and Finding Your Way Home

Life is never static. Just when you think you finally have everything under control, that illusion is shatteredand the life you once knew has spun off in unimaginable directions.

The BookViral Review: An absorbing and often emotional read, Seeking Glory is a story about life, regrets and the unexpected events that catch us unawares. For the larger part, it’s not a novel to deliver shocking twists or turns with its intrigue achieved through subtle misdirection and the promise of secrets to be revealed. But it’s on this level that Shook reminds us how much a well-told story can resonate with its readers. Wandering through notes of tragedy, relationships and the disquieting mystery of Glory’s father she takes these themes and turns them to full volume as momentum gathers pace whilst ably avoiding the syrupy pitfalls of the genre. With its narrative charm stemming from vivid and authentic characters Shook clearly has an eye for nuanced detail which is never more apparent than in the burgeoning relationship between Kate and her granddaughter. We feel Kate’s angst and become invested in her hopes for Glory’s future but when her enquiries take a darker turn we also feel her fears as Shook draws us ever nearer to a shocking and powerful denouement.

Few authors get it right with their debut novel but Patricia Hamilton Shook proves the exception and Seeking Glory is highly recommended.

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