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A BookViral Review Of Urgent Justice By John Etzil

Best Action Thriller Fiction

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Language: English

Print length: 166 pages

Genre: Action Thriller Fiction


A small-town sheriff will catch a predator, come hell or high water…

But nothing raises Sheriff Jack Lamburt’s hackles like a child in danger. After a local orphaned teen disappears under suspicious circumstances, he vows to bring her home safe. And there’ll be no escape from the world of pain he’ll leave in his wake…

The BookViral Review:

With plenty of punchy scenes and crackling dialogue Etzil knows how to stay one step ahead of his readers in devious, if jaw-droppingly contrived, ways but his choices never feel borrowed or clichéd. Delivering a dependably entertaining read that stands out from its peers like a fox in a hen house.

Part of Jack Lamburt’s appeal is his ability to pre-visualize potentially explosive situations with pinpoint precision and dispatch would-be threats with swift and often grisly violence. He’s a ruthless vigilante but he’s also a victim (since flight 2262) and whilst Etzil socks over the suspense and action he also takes the time for some quiet, even spare moments to emphasize Jack’s calm and apartness.

Immersing himself in another deadly mission under the auspices of the Dead Man’s Club this time Jack is on the trail of a child sex trafficking ring and part of the fun, if you want to call it that, is how the baddies always underestimate him. And pay quite the price in doing so. There’s also the added kick of adding ninety plus year old bar fly Francis to the mix for some superb laugh out loud moments you’ll find hard forget!

The ultimate avenger, stalking those beyond the law, Urgent Justice proves another sure-fire winner from Etzil and is recommended without reservation.

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