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An BookViral Review Of All Our Yesterdays by Karen Janowsky

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SUMMARY: Nina and Daniel have never known any destiny other than fighting their separate masters’ wars. Now, a secretive organization is creating a weapon that will collapse history.

The BookViral Review:

Reminding us why readers love the genre the second instalment in Janowsky’s Persistence Of Memory series proves every bit as good as it’s first. Returning characters are original and fun with their backstories now well established and Nina having discovered the full extent of her powers. As a character, she is smart and satisfying in all the ways a superhero should be with Janowsky confidently reinvigorating much-loved genre tropes whilst the chemistry between Nina and Daniel continues to crackle. Modern superheroes tend to be an introspective bunch, requisitely flawed and lugging around their personal demons but Nina is driven by moral clarity and wears her femininity with the same pride and poise that she wears her leather armoured garb. Adding all-important emotional vulnerability which in turn adds the kind of gravitas and emotion found in the genres best sellers.

With book one establishing the credential of her characters Janowsky now gets fully into the mechanics of her overarching plot with Nina’s insistence on battling for humanity and Daniel battling for the woman he loves. No spoilers here but finding themselves fighting on multiple plains of existence brings an edgy countenance and a host of twists which prove thoroughly entertaining.

A superhero novel with real heart and an exciting read All Our Yesterdays is sure to be well received by Janowsky’s fans and is recommended without reservation.


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