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A BookViral Review Of Shadowland By WF Waldrip

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  • ASIN: B089YX9QJ7
  • Publisher: Pharaoh (9 Jun. 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 258 pages
  • Genre: Alternate Dimension Fantasy


SUMMARY: Abducted by Lasceaux, a malevolent alchemist, into a fantastic world of extraordinary beings and unlikely creatures, Arthur Smith strives to return home. 

The BookViral Review:

With the release of The Man With Two NameS WF Waldrip not only demonstrated meticulous story craft but an ability to dodge broad genre clichés and in Shadowland he has done the very same to deliver another addictive read!

Alternate dimension novels continue to make a comeback and for an author like Waldrip with a vivid imagination, it’s a good genre to be writing in providing you can avoid its pitfalls. Write a story that’s too strange and convoluted and its dramatic effectiveness quickly falls apart with the fascinating and the mysterious becoming silly and occasionally comical. But Waldrip has once again pitched it just right.

His narrative has no need for ingenious technology (when a simple portal will do) to transport Smith to another dimension because it’s not the getting there but his voyage, the customs of the people he meets in his new reality and even the placement of the stars which are often more important than the peril he finds himself in. And this allows Waldrip to inject a degree of emotional honesty which is often missing in the broader genre as he explores the universal themes of vengeance, love and betrayal.

With far too many alternate reality novels pedaling the premise that the narrative is not to be trusted, readers have come to expect the “twist” but Waldrip prefers to deliver a linear story and sensibly stays truer to the genre with a narrative that is heroic, wryly funny and more than a little macabre!

For fans who love alternative reality fantasy novels, Shadowland proves a must-read and is a highly recommended five star read.

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