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A Review Of As Above So Below By River L. Davis

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Hell, hath no fury like a God scorned. And for Clemence and her group of magical misfits, no truer words were spoken. They’re the only thing standing between an ancient African God hell bent on an apocalypse and the salvation of all supernaturals. It’s up to them to finish the battle started by their ancestors; however, there’s just one small problem—okay maybe two. Clemence doesn’t know the first thing about her power nor what an Obeah is. 

The BookViral Review:

A gripping and immersive tale of dark magic and ancient rivalries, As Above So Below, The Rise Of The Southern Obeah proves a powerful start to what could be an epic series from Davis. Atmospheric and spiced with some slick plotting she gives us a cast of original and well-drawn characters whilst excelling at portraying the emotionally charged interplay between them.

It spans the centuries with a narrative that switches between modern-day and 1865 with Davis reminding us how belief in magic and witchcraft is woven into the way many people deal with the prejudices they face. She’s a confident storyteller and through Cora, Clemence, Celeste and Chance she brings a real sense of purpose to her plot whilst her story’s narrative strength comes from her attention to detail.

As you would expect from a YA Fantasy there are the requisite elements of character drama and genre tropes which readers are invariably drawn to. Far too often in the genre, these come across as trite and stereotypical but Davis creates a genuine sense of authenticity and familiarity which serves to ground the chemistry between her key characters. Needless to say, the momentum is quick to build, but it never feels forced whilst a cracking cliff hanger ending leaves us eager for more.

A strong debut for River L. Davis and one that should be well received by fans of the YA Fantasy genre, As Above So Below The Rise Of The Southern Obeah is strongly recommended.

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