Best Occult Horror Novels Reviewed By BookViral

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A Review Of Wrath Of A Minor God By Anthony Hains

Best Occult Horror Fiction
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Publisher: PCNY Books (20 Jan. 2021)

Language: English

Print length: 207 pages

Genre: Occult Horror


Special Agent Cole Nightshade has learned how to use the telepathic abilities that have protected him since childhood to apprehend the most brutal of criminals. 

The BookViral Review:

A spine-tingling Occult Horror novel filled with suspense and tension throughout, Wrath Of A Minor God is the fourth release in the Nightshade Chronicles with Hains continuing to deliver highly original and delightfully sinister reads!

The best horror writers do more than just scare their readers. They find ways in which to confront or explore something real by taking them to extremes and it’s something that Haines does particularly well.

Wrath Of A Minor God is arguably his darkest plot to date and this time around he reminds us that the most horrifying of evils can grow from an all too human place. But sometimes horror, even at its darkest, is the window dressing for something tenderer and it’s this contrast that once again makes Cole Nightshade such an endearing protagonist.

In Wrath Of A Minor God the evil Cole faces is huge and incomprehensible and as with previous releases in the series, a large part of his appeal comes from how deeply we’re led to care about him and the plight of his supporting characters. Each one being carefully detailed with a singular atmosphere of growing dread surrounding them. An atmosphere founded on an intoxicating combination of fear, anger and sadness. But as with real-life Hains leaves us with the sense that some evils can never truly be understood. And that some trauma is just too great to move on from. 

On this level, Hains encapsulates horror at its most evocative and whilst the Nightshade Chronicles are a fantastic series Wrath OF A Minor God may well be the best release to date! It is recommended without reservation.

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