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A Review Of Abandoned By Neal Thompson

Best Scince Fiction Reads
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Language: English

Print length: 240 pages

Genre: Science Fiction


The International Space Station holds a secret and freelance journalist Eric Dundston has obtained a clue to solving the mystery. The author gives the reader a behind-the-scenes look at the world of journalism and how an ordinary event can lead to a great adventure.

The BookViral Review:

Very few science fiction novels are transcendent in the way they work upon our minds and imaginations but Abandoned: A Sacred Mission achieves just that and in doing so proves a spellbinding read from start to finish.

There is no flimsy plot or overblown abstraction just a gripping story and astute social commentary as Thompson immerses us in his near-future setting where NASA and politics become intrinsically entwined. 

With a sense of urgency, Thompson’s plot is graced by unpredictability whilst his imagined technological advances are grounded and seem wholly realistic.  These propelling his tension-filled narrative through a series of short, fast-paced chapters, that takes it in unexpected directions.  But what ultimately distinguishes Thompson’s novel is that it’s a story about a period in the course of human evolution which is on the cusp of becoming our reality in the not too far distant future.

A future which will involve significant changes and growing pains for humankind. In addition to the associated moral questions that are sure to be asked. A future in which a human born in zero gravity would see humans becoming closer to the alien life we readily speculate on. And in bringing multiple narrative strands together in a stirring finale, Thompson leaves a few threads open to suggest the possibility of a welcome return to his characters.

An exciting, highly readable science-fiction novel with sharply drawn characters Thompson has delivered a genuine page-turner and it is recommended without reservation.

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