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A BookViral Review Of Masquerade by Stephan J Myers & Pixie Woodstock

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SUMMARY: For anyone one who has ever experienced the electrifying intensity of true love, yearned for more, hidden their true desires or experienced the devastation of a love turned to something dark and cruel, these are the words you will return to time and time again.

The BookViral Review:

Poetry books like milk and honey have become ten a penny with a host of erstwhile poets trying to cash in on  Rupi Kaur’s success but there are still many talented and original poets building an enthusiastic following of their own.

Embracing an interrogative approach to sexual identity and the darker undertones of sexual freedom, Masquerade by Stephan J Myers and Pixie Woodstock proves nothing less than a tour de force of erotic poetry. Inviting reader reflection on a level that proves extraordinarily perceptive. Stylistically Myers and Woodstock are an adroit pairing. Both of them leaning towards classic stanzas and bring a degree of introspection that can only come from the vagaries of life.  Their rhyming pieces coming across most successfully because of their simplicity and their raw constituents. On one level full of youthful spark, beauty and romance on another they are delicately balanced between illusion and disillusion. About trying to resist erotic temptation and the aftermath of surrendering to them. There is no attempt to startle or to reinvent because prose as powerful as these cut to the core of what it means to love, desire and be desired in return. More, to the extent, each us is willing to go experience what we most crave.

With poems like Torture, Evermore and My Secret Past Myers and Woodstock draw on each other’s poetry to distil entire stories into fleeting moments which will linger long after the last page is turned.

Torture by Pixie Woodstock

With armour gone the wounds cut deep. My mind gone mad, no restful sleep.

And rising with the breaking dawn, my gut is knotted, eyes forlorn.

My heart cast off with feeble beat. Left bleeding on my linen sheets.

As sitting near, a needle take. With coarsest thread the first stitch make.

To seal the gaping cavity. This empty space consuming me.

Conceal the scar and paint my face. Of wrecked emotion, leave no trace.

Replace the mask and don the veil. Tell no one of this sorry tale.

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