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  • ASIN: ‎ B0CKM74RTB
  • Publication date: ‎ October 5, 2023
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 391 pages
  • Genre: British Crime Fiction


The BookViral Review:

An edgy, thought-provoking crime thriller filled with suspense and tension throughout, John G. Gemmell takes his readers on a harrowing journey. One underpinned by a captivating plot and taught prose as he blunts the edge of predictability.

A compelling crime novelist Gemmell tells his story with a wealth of little details that feel just right as he takes us into a world of lorry heists, drug dealing and people smuggling. But the underlying subject of family is central to his story and this is manifested in his key characters who find themselves compromised by secrets, loyalties and allegiances. Both professional and familial.

The genre is littered with disposable crime capers cranked out on autopilot, but The Dogs Of Avarice is definitely not one of them. At its centre is Matty O’Hare and through him, Gemmell illustrates how even the toughest men, or the most celebrated criminals, still crave a sliver of light to guide them through the encroaching darkness. It is this theme that makes The Dogs Of Avarice so much more than a story about mobsters to also be a story of hope, success, betrayal and failure.

With a narrative that unfolds over disparate timelines it never seems disjointed or thematically fractured. It’s the ties of loyalty, among criminal patriarchs and their loved ones, that are strained and torn and here Gemmell digs deep into the minutiae with a wealth of little details that feel just right.

On this level, it hits hard and is at its best when showing how gangsters undermine their lofty notions of nobility with displays of greed and violence with Gemmell using abrupt tonal shifts, coherent backstories and well-constructed subplots to achieve an all-important sense of credibility. A particularly clever touch is the slow reveal of Stephen’s father-in-law Davy who plays a pivotal role in reconciling events of the past and present whilst keeping Stephen and Tony alive.

Meticulous in its telling The Dogs Of Avarice holds you from moment to moment as it immerses you in the intricate and sleazy logistics of crime. A must read for fans of crime fiction it is highly recommended.

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