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  • ASIN: ‎ B09TX3PKBL
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 292 pages
  • Genre: Business Management & Leadership


The BookViral Review:

Browse the bookshelves and you’ll find a glut of books on the subject of starting your own business. Unfortunately, the quality and content of many fall far short of their assurances and it’s often difficult to find those that add any real value, but the CDL Minded Business Startup Strategy Collection from Joe Ryder and Eric Balma is one that quickly establishes its credentials.

Primarily grounded in the CDL trucking industry and aimed at CDL entrepreneurs, the collection not only includes Startup Strategy but a highly informative CDL Minded Marketing guide and central to Ryder and Balma’s thinking and echoed throughout their book is the need to develop the right mindset, structure and systems to achieve success.

In concise prose and easy-to-navigate chapters, it’s a read that demands serious consideration as Ryder and Balma draw on their considerable experience to deliver a blueprint for achieving tangible results. With key points underpinned by clear diagrams and motivational quotes they don’t gild the lilly but provide their readers with an unencumbered view of the road ahead of them whilst the valuable information imparted is refreshingly free of jargon.

Designed to help build a leveraged strategy for exponential growth Ryder and Balma have the remarkable ability to know exactly how to help their readers find the answers they need within themselves and this adds a degree of authenticity that the genre more often than not lacks. Taking their readers beyond academic rhetoric to the real world with tried and tested strategies for improving business performance and achieving higher levels of personal satisfaction.

A must-read go-to guidebook for anyone looking to build a rewarding career in the CDL trucking industry Ryder and Balma’s CDL Minded Business Startup Strategy Collection is an unreservedly recommended 5-star read.

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