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A Review Of Enemy Of Humanity By Jubei Raziel

Challenging Christian Beliefs

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This unprecedented examination explores the religion’s deepest secrets, its greatest power and why the faith remains brilliantly necessary.

Though naked and succinct, Enemy of Humanity stays purely factual. The text veers from theory and opinion, cementing itself as an extraordinary historical study while presenting questions guaranteed to leave even believers of the faith in awe.

The BookViral Review:

Powerful, compelling and utterly thought-provoking Enemy of Humanity proves essential reading for those enthralled by Christianity and for those enraged by it.

Compulsively readable and full of insight Raziel states that “the veracity of religious “truths” can only be investigated through irrefutable facts,”  and it’s these irrefutable truths that form the basis of his thoughts on the subject.

They not only lend themselves to the ideology and personalities of Christian history, its organization and spirituality, but how it has irrevocably changed politics, sex, and human society and yet far too many texts on the subject today are nothing more than a source of confirmation bias for its intended audience.

“I will make the most authoritative case against the world’s greatest religion, Christianity,” Raziel states. And it’s no small claim. Against an ever-broadening array of social media and information platforms, Raziel cuts through the bias and is prepared to ask the uncomfortable questions. The questions that need to be asked and he does so in a way that is intellectually rigorous and yet wholly accessible.

He is acutely aware of how sensitive and passionate people become when debating faith-based issues and his prose is tempered accordingly but it doesn’t dilute or lessen what proves to be a fascinating and informative point of view.

Whatever your views on Christianity, Enemy of Humanity is not a book to be ignored. Religion needs authors of Raziel’s calibre to challenge it. The hubris of certainty and the consequences of warped conclusions taken at face value and Enemy Of Humanity Is recommended without reservation.

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