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"An eye-opening book, containing gems for both children and adults..."

Children's Books on Self-Esteem & Self-Respect

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  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 121 pages
  • Genre: Children’s Books on Self-Esteem & Self-Respect


The BookViral Review:

Make-believe meets mind-set in this charming self-affirming tale of Edwin, who is not a very convincing fish despite his best efforts. As if his failing confidence is not enough, Edwin is let down by his best friend, bullied by his schoolmates and even unknowingly pressured by his adopted parents. Add to this his slowly cracking scales, and Edwin really is in a pickle.

However, a chance discovery leads Edwin on a path of self-acceptance,  encouraged along by his biology teacher, Daedalus, who is himself a bit of an odd bod.

Cleverly using this symbolic story to highlight the pressures young ones face in society, Briton Kolber uses his experience as a family therapist to unpick the problems of life. His passion for celebrating difference shines through in both his delightful story and in the following commentary.

Through his own childhood experiences and the wisdom gained through his research and career, Kolber digs deep into complicated questions surrounding both internal and external challenges, especially for those who do not conform to the norm.

Promoting inclusivity and a non-judgemental approach, ‘Not Fishy Enough’ challenges accepted hierarchy, such as religious or parental viewpoints and beliefs, and suggests the self-permission of being one’s own person, rather than conforming to the ideals of others and always striving to ‘fit in.’

An eye-opening book, containing gems for both children and adults, this manual is perfect for negotiating the complexities of modern-day life, and for parents, teachers and carers, assisting them in posing thought-provoking questions for self-reflection and for drawing out the worries and concerns of their young charges. With plenty of anecdotal evidence, Kolber demonstrates that there really is another, more empowering way to live.

A refreshing and honest look at the human psyche of young people at a deeper level, ‘Not Fishy Enough’ is unreservedly recommended for young and old alike.

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