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"Fun facts about emu’s thrown in for good measure!"

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  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 32 pages
  • Genre: Children’s Early Learning Books

The BookViral Review:

In another new adventure featuring Pippin the poodle, Julia Seaborn introduces her young audience to all things snow, with some fun facts about emu’s thrown in for good measure!

This exciting snowy tale gives both its young reader and their carer plenty of opportunity for conversation and reminiscence about their own snowy experiences and is crammed full of facts which create the perfect foundation for learning. Complimented by ‘Fun Questions’, ‘Fun Facts’ and a complimentary puzzle to boot, ‘Pippin goes Snowboarding’ is a versatile offering that conveys information in many ways, catering for different learning methodologies.

Seaborn seems to take advantage of every opportunity to teach, counting out chicks and dogs and introducing concepts such as ‘second’ and ‘third’, crafting her story mindfully to build knowledge in a non-threatening and inclusive manner.

As per her usual style, Seaborn packs her story with amusing twists, which are echoed perfectly by thoughtful artistry. However, this is not just a delightful tale. Seaborn weaves many lessons seamlessly between the pages. From failing to determination and success, from embarrassment and fear to reassurance, she demonstrates that relationships trump being the winner and that sharing time, advice and material possessions is the way to build lasting friendships.

Seaborn’s evident experience in working with children is evident in her writing-she really taps into the young mind-engaging them with her plentiful and fast-moving storyline and charismatic characters, complimented by emotionally touching imagery.

With the same furry friends popping up time and time again through the 4 books, lending familiarity and sense of security  Pippin Goes Snowboarding is firmly recommended for stories at bedtime and independent reading.

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