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  • ASIN: ‎ B088KTS71G
  • Publisher: ‎ Go To Publish; 1st edition (12 May 2020)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 75 pages
  • Genre: Christian Education


The BookViral Review:

An eye-opening look at creation versus evolution, ‘From Goo to God’ tracks many of the blindly accepted evolutionary theories, picking each apart to examine whether they deserve the widely established promotion throughout the whole educational experience of young people. With a firm, yet reasonable approach, Bruce. R. Matson clearly and patiently reveals the thinking behind accepted theory, whilst scrutinising the true scientific evidence available.

Although there is no doubt that this is a book fashioned to build faith in a creator and draw people to the word of God, it is not to be dismissed by agnostics, as it has relevance both in the scientific world and in the way it builds appreciation for the natural world and its most fascinating elements.

For example, evidence of a rotary motor, smaller than any human-invented nano technology can be found within a bacterium-evidence of the awe-inspiring design of even the smallest living organisms. This type of discovery generates a respectful view of all living things and highlights the connection between all elements of the natural world.

Furthermore, he not only looks to the world around us and our responsibilities towards it but expands on the idea of a higher power, which in turn leads to appreciation, with questions about what that appreciation might look like.

Matson covers a whole spectrum of creation-affirming facts, from the smallest organisms to huge creatures such as dinosaurs. There are some surprising revelations concerning carbon dating and fossil formation, along with some well-informed critiques regarding Darwinism.

Interestingly, Matson has included a plethora of quotes from renowned scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton, who have publicly declared their belief in a creator; this is somewhat surprising as there remains an underlying idea that science and religion do not agree.

If you are a believer, this book also provides faith-strengthening material, conveyed in simple, clear and understandable language, with accompanying images, providing the ability to defend the belief in a creator.

An interesting and surprising look at the true facts supporting how the world came to be.

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