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"Keating digs deep into matters of faith and aspects of religious extremism.."

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  • Publisher: ‎ Keating Reports LLC (April 28, 2023)
  • Publication date: ‎ April 28, 2023
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 224 pages
  • Genre: Christian Fiction Thrillers


The BookViral Review:

A hugely entertaining thriller laced through with the dark shards of religious extremism Keating delivers another intriguing network of dramatic tripwires to tease the mind and quicken the pulse as Pastor Stephen Grant finds a historical mission for the CIA has unimaginable consequences.

A top-notch thriller that whips along at a cracking pace, intelligent and immediately engaging, Keating once again revels in the complexity of his tale as he weaves converging plot lines together.

Structurally similar to previous releases in Keating’s Pastor Stephen Grant series Under The Golden Dome is a testimony to Keating’s control over his material that narrative streams never seem to repeat themselves. It is extremely difficult to write about something as invisible and ineffable as religious faith and make it seem real, but this is one of Keating’s crowning achievements and central to this is Pastor Stephen Grant who eloquently communicates the importance of giving people something to believe in. 

Typically underpinned by Keating’s extensive religious and historical research Under The Golden Dome is richly layered in a way that puts more conventional thrillers to shame. Creating a novel that can be read and enjoyed but also learned from as Keating digs deep into matters of faith and the bleaker aspects of religious extremism.

He trusts his readers to pay attention and the payoff is that we get drawn into Grant’s curious world of religion and clandestine operations without the distraction of trite tropes and tired clichés whilst the endearing chemistry between Keating’s main characters sets a breezy tone that never clashes with the subject at hand. The dialogue is racy and sharp and there’s no doubting Keating’s ability to devise arresting narrative moments that speak to the theme of his novel whilst teasing us with the possibility that there may be another, deeper, level of conspiracy yet to be revealed in the overarching theme of his series.

A highly enjoyable, intelligent and thought-provoking read Under The Golden Dome is unreservedly recommended.

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