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"Worden reflects deeply on the multi-faceting representation of God"

Christian Meditations

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  • ASIN: ‎ B0B8CBWHM5
  • Publisher: ‎ WestBow Press (July 29, 2022)
  • Publication date: ‎ July 29, 2022
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 274 pages
  • Genre: Christian Meditations

The BookViral Review:

Mark Worden offers us his own personal spiritual reflections in ‘He Is’-Knowing God through 50 Meditations’. Taking phrases and passages from scripture and pondering on each ‘God is’ phrase, Worden encourages his readers to reflect deeply on the multi-faceting representation of God found in the Bible, how God is evident in nature and creation, and in how he interacts with humankind

Each chapter in the book is a separate reflection of the author’s beliefs about God, who he is, and what that means for the believer; each in turn dealing with a different aspect of how ‘God Is’.

Chapters are followed by questions and reflection statements designed both to consolidate personal belief and think about how what we learn about God can have an effect on our own actions and behaviour. Scriptures to cross-check findings are provided to support and further meditation is recommended. A useful ‘notes’ section follows for personal conclusions.

Worden interweaves frank and self-sharing personal experience into his writing, demonstrating how belief in God and who he is can have a profound and last long effect on life and happiness, as well as presenting him as an all-encompassing being who can have a powerful influence in and on lives, and who works through others to support and provide.

The use of illustrations as a means of easily understandable explanation follows the example of Jesus’ many illustrations and parables, making scripture accessible to those who may struggle to understand.

However, Worden suggests that some creeds, such as the Trinity, are in themselves a mystery and beyond the limitations of human minds to understand, because God is so much more than humans could ever understand.

Throughout his reflections, Worden embeds other scriptural writings into his own to support his gentle arguments and provide an alternative perspective.

Throughout, he conveys the message that submission and obedience are for the good of the individual because scripture teaches that God knows and communicates what is best for humankind, not least as their creator. He makes the valid point that good triumphing over evil is a common theme running through beliefs, fables and stories, right down to the modern-day ‘Marvel’ films, for instance, and that this theme links with an inherent desire in humans to seek to know and imitate the perfect qualities of God.

Wordens final message is that regardless of our own individual paths, all is not lost and there is a way back to God through his Grace.

‘He is’-Knowing God through 50 Meditations’ could be ideally studied in sections as a group Bible study guide, or alternatively as a personal journal from which to spring-board to personal scriptural meditation and  is highly recommended.

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