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A BookViral Review Of Cognition By Jaques St-Malo

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SUMMARY: In a near future, the genetics of intellect are finally within reach. Research suggests how to harness brain evolution, launching a hunt for a missing link―one that would allow to design humans with skills that prodigies of old could only dream of.

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A novel that not only entertains but enlightens and informs as well, Cognition might be the debut release from Jacques St-Malo but he writes with the assuredness of a seasoned bestseller. Cognitive genetics, cloning and germline manipulations he takes evolving sciences and builds a future world that whilst far from dystopian is none the less alarming as Ethan and Valerie find their destinies converging. An acerbic and taut techno-thriller that keeps us engrossed from start to finish, Cognition is one of those intelligent novels that leaves us in no doubt as to who the players are, what motivates them and why. More importantly, St-Malo proves himself quite exceptional when it comes to manipulating the elements of intrigue and suspense. Navigating an intricate plot, with clandestine military agencies in pursuit of Ethan, St-Malo notably avoids prescriptive stereotypes to create a cast of characters who are robust, well-conceived and imbued with a real-world presence. In doing so he’s quick to establish emotional groundwork that fully engages his readers whilst his dialogue is always spot on.

Reasons enough to pick up a copy and begin reading it would, however, be disingenuous not to mention St Malo’s social commentary. Informed, well researched and cutting is Cognition a prescient view of what is to come or just a damn good read? Readers will have to make their own minds up. What shouldn’t be disputed is the calibre of the mind behind the pen and the quality of St-Malo’s debut release.

A must read, especially for fans of the Techno-Thriller genre Cognition is recommended without reservation. 

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