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A Review Of Confessions Before Death By R. K. Mullins

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  • Publisher: On The Way Editing & Publishing (13 Feb. 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 254 pages
  • Genre: Horror Fiction


Be careful who you are rude to. You never know when someone evil will retaliate. Thus, in the case of Kenneth Winston Wilson. How could he know one simple act, an accidental act of rudeness would haunt him in ways he couldn’t imagine.

The BookViral Review:

A horror attention-grabber that rapidly builds momentum. Confessions Before Death; Satan’s Revenge delivers a powerful sense of the macabre and a clever plot with Mullins sure not to sacrifice pace for surplus detail.

Fans of his debut novel Time For A Serial Killer: A Lifetime Of Murder will know he’s not an author who favours understatement or subtlety. But like all good authors in the Horror genre, he knows that too much realism will weaken the impact of his writing. He doesn’t want us to forget he’s writing horror and there’s an undeniable exuberance to his prose.

Yes, Confessions Before Death is hyper-violent and hyper-gory and there’s nothing at all wrong with that. It is after all why fans are attracted to the genre. But tone, attitude and pacing can’t be ignored and once again Mullins gets it just right.

There’s certainly plenty of blood and guts. His characters are a blast. It’s hard not to be simultaneously drawn to and repelled by them but whilst the clichés are out in force the scenes never become tiresome. Even with Jared’s sustained torture of Kenneth’s lovers. Mullins holds our attention as the plot thickens and the suspense continues to mount. To only release us after the last full stop.

A fun, solidly crafted, suspenseful and enjoyable read with a real twist at the end Confessions Before Death; Satan’s Revenge is strongly recommended!

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