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"Ziman’s energetic narration makes for an authentically gripping read!

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  • ASIN: ‎ B09F3DSWN8
  • Publisher: ‎ Archway Publishing (24 Aug. 2021)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 285 pages
  • Genre: Political Conspiracy Thrillers


The BookViral Review:

A riveting combination of conspiracy and suspense that throws surprises at the reader regularly Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body proves a taut and exciting read with Ziman leveraging his own experiences as Director of Legislation in New York State and a lobbyist in Washington, DC to good effect.

Conspiracy Thrillers are an ever-popular genre but far too many novels come across as generic rehashes of older stories so it is always refreshing to come across something wholly original. Avoiding the traps of dull, heritage fiction Ziman has a keen ear for dialogue which brings an exciting level of immediacy to his plot which is well-conceived and finely-tuned to the story he’s telling.

Fans of the genre know exactly what they want, and Ziman, for his part, gives it to them. Not only serving up a fast-paced thriller but one laden with double-crossing and unexpected twists. These alone are reasons to pick up a copy and begin reading but perhaps the most striking feature of this well-crafted novel is its convincing rendering of the compulsive, thoughtless nature of certain kinds of destructive behaviour.

The title suggests dramatic Shakespearean twists and Ziman doesn’t disappoint with intriguing, driven, smart and compromised characters mixed with Manchurian-like manipulation that turns Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body into an allegorical ‘monster’ thriller in which multiple characters are competing for the role of the ‘monster’ and Ziman isn’t quick to give away who the real ‘monster’ is.

Paced like a police procedural and revolving around Ziman’s protagonist Ryan McNeil he’s supported by a cast of eclectic characters who lean into the story’s urgency and continued relevance with Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body moving along at a brisk clip. Ryan’s investigation is well thought through but it’s the moral exemplar and his principled stand in defiance of the price that he’ll ultimately pay that sets the tone with Ziman’s energetic narration and clear attention to detail making Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body authentically gripping.

Sure to be met with approval by fans of the Conspiracy and Suspense Thriller genres, Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body is a Golden Quill read and is recommended without reservation!

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