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  • ASIN: ‎ B0C6R6NGYR
  • Publisher: ‎ TRG, Inc. (30 May 2023)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 316 pages
  • Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers and Espionage Thrillers

The BookViral Review:

“You get sideswiped by life. That’s a fact. Out of the blue, unexpected, with anticipatory hope, it’s a minor crash and not a full-on piledriver.”

Testosterone-driven action creates an absorbing and immersive read in The Alaska Job (A Case Lee Novel Book 12) from Vince Milam. An Espionage Thriller in which, the intrigue never stalls and the bodies pile up as former Delta Force operator Case Lee and former Delta Force teammates take on the SVR and ruthless mercenaries in the hunt for an age old lost Chinese treasure.

Milam tells adventure stories on a grand scale. He has numerous bestsellers to his credit and quite rightly so. Far too many thrillers today are patterned on clunky dialogue and improbable characters, but Milam’s real-life experience and his in-depth research make for a novel that rapidly cranks up a head of steam and delivers plenty of high-octane thrills.

But The Alaska Job isn’t a novel in which a few heavily armed operatives can just strut around and achieve their mission with drawn-out firefights and unrealistic fatalities. Milam first and foremost gives us realism and drenches his narrative in many shades of ambiguity and his storytelling gifts have the novelistic richness of a seasoned master of his genre.

Case Lee is smart, resilient and charismatic but grounded in reality and makes for a protagonist that’s distinct from the vast number of stereotypical characters that populate the genre. The accelerating plot twists are more than just clever surprises; creating both suspense and an emotional impact whilst Milam’s rapid-fire narrative neatly stitches nerve-racking chases, firefights and confrontations together to create a penetrating atmosphere of nihilist ruthlessness that cleverly heightens the tension and sense of uncertainty. 

Case Lee and brothers in arms Bo and Marcus succeed in getting under our skin and if The Alaska Job is just a taste of what Milam’s Case Lee series delivers, then he’s created something exceptional

A superb release in Milam’s Case Lee series The Alaska Job not only holds its own amongst the genre’s best it sets a high bar and is an unreservedly recommended Golden Quill read!

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