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A Review Of Daniel Scratch: A Story Of Witchkind By Don Jones

Best Contemporary Fantasy Novels for young readers
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Print Length: 238 pages

ASIN: B089T64J9R

Language: English

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy 


Thirteen year-old Daniel Scratch has been living alone for years since his parents passed, cared for by his home’s tiny, elf-like brownies and his somehow-still-living great-great grandmother. But when Grandmother sends him to the village to be Tested, his life turns upside down. 

The BookViral Review:

A fun and refreshingly original exploration of magic Daniel Scratch: A Story of Witchkind takes us into uncharted territory which fans of the fantasy genre will certainly applaud.

There are lots of okay books in the genre, but for the majority, they are stories lacking in coherent plots which you can read in pieces but they’re a puzzle that never gets solved. Jones gives us much more than this with plot threads that weave together to deliver a potent blend of magical intrigue and awakening.

Fantasy fiction should be a genre where ideas have no limits and the imagination is free. But it takes a read like Daniel Scratch to remind us just how rarely this happens with Jones delivering a beautifully penned and thoughtful narrative that delves into the philosophical and moral questions of being endowed with arcane powers. His command of prose is a wonderful thing in which to linger with much on which to reflect should the reader choose.

You won’t find an instance of padding or an eye-glazing moment of dull self-indulgence from Jones just a timeless story of magic rooted in the two unique characters Daniel and Kirmin. Neither will you find trite clichés or mistake sentimentalism for emotional depth.

With a genuine sense of wonderment that few novels attain Daniel Scratch: A Story of Witchkind is a read to be savoured and is recommended without reservation!

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