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  • ASIN: ‎ B01K9PRWQA
  • Publisher: ‎ Free Dragon Press, LLC; 2nd edition (August 11, 2016)
  • Publication date: ‎ August 11, 2016
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 378 pages
  • Genre:  Dark Christian Fantasy Epics


The BookViral Review:

A totally enthralling introduction into the Evorath fantasy series, ‘The Birth of Death’ introduces its readers to a new and exciting world of mythical creatures and supernatural powers.

After responding to a missing persons enquiry, Lieutenant Artimus Atyrmirid, the most experienced Inspector of the Royal Ranger Division investigates the kidnap of 7 young elvish girls of child-bearing age. The chain of events that follow threatens the very fabric of a seemingly peaceful world, as an evil and powerful dark elf with unsurpassed magical powers makes himself and his evil intentions known. The diverse creatures of the forests and beyond must show their unity in a fight for survival…

Complete with an attention-grabbing back story, this epic tale spans time and distance, carrying its readers from huge murky forests to terrifying caves full of secrets and magic in a deep and extraordinarily all-encompassing plot. However, despite its fantastical nature, Joseph Macolino embeds a surprising amount of emotion, as he imbues his characters with passion, loyalty and righteous indignation. Despite the introduction of a whole plethora of uniquely invented beings, their qualities remain recognisable as Macolino cleverly connects them to familiar creatures, enhancing their characteristics to fashion evermore fanciful creations.

Macolino’s rich narrative remains strong throughout as he bonds these creatures superbly, moving them towards unity abrasively, as they join forces in a precarious understanding of the threat before them. When a mighty Avatar is summoned by the wise men of all species, only to disappear again, all seems lost. However, Macolino keeps the tension mounting with magnificently depicted skirmishes until a final epic battle brings the two superpowers together in a clash of ferocious supernatural energy.

Like all great series, ‘The Birth of Death’ ends on a fabulous cliffhanger as questions remain unanswered, leaving the reader hungry for more. A worthy 5-star read.

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