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A Gleefully Addictive Five Star Read By Robin Anderson!

Dark Comic Crime Fiction

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  • ASIN: ‎ B094PHHRQ8
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 349 pages
  • Genre: Dark Comic Crime Fiction


The BookViral Review:

Pumped up, jumped up but so much more than just an attention-grabber Anderson pitches a literary grenade and Pillow Squawk proves another fabulous page-turner!

Full-on from the outset, Anderson lunges for our collective viscera and never lets go till the very last page and like all good satirists, he knows that too much realism will weaken his effect. He lets us know from the opening chapter that he’s written a comedy. A comedy that embraces over-the-top exuberance and intricate character development whilst being impassioned and visually inventive.

Anderson will never be an author known for understatement or subtlety. From the banter to the grisly violence, as in The Omnipotent, there’s a real literary prowess at play here as he pushes the boundaries of political correctness to get his effect.

That’s one of the things readers should value about him because novels should first and foremost offer escapism from the humdrum of life and Pillow Squawk gives us this in spades with believable characters and motivations, rather than just repositories for clever dialogue. And we want his characters (sinister serial killer William Barlow Junior is simply capital) to live, talk, deceive and scheme for hours and hours!

Bringing his tongue-in-cheek storytelling together with exquisite craft and killer characters (literally and metaphorically) Pillow Squawk is very much a trademark Anderson novel where genuine emotion one minute collides with the unapologetically silly in the next. Defying anyone with red blood in their veins not to respond to the crazy virtuoso of Pillow Squawk’s plot and not be lifted by the moment-by-moment enjoyment it delivers.

A gleefully addictive read the transgressive thrill of reading Pillow Squawk is mesmerizingly assured as we once again find Anderson at his very best. A five star read it is unreservedly recommended!

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