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A Review Of Dime By Luis Figueredo

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Pierce Evangelista, a sharp-witted, Harvard-educated lawyer is drawn into the brutal and violent power struggle between the Venezuelan drug cartel and the DEA. Juan Carlos, who holds crippling information about the cartel, sits in the Curacao Prison awaiting extradition. He is aware that his life only holds value to the DEA if he agrees to cooperate; and the cartel can’t allow him to tell the DEA what he knows and will try and kill him before he can be extradited.

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For readers looking for a big picture legal thriller that tackles the complicated war between drug cartels and the DEA without losing sight of the human element, Dime is definitely the novel to read! A full-on high octane page-turner Figueredo fields a large gallery of characters that makes “Dime” into a convincing canvas. Cutting between his main players so smoothly that even his more complex chapters remain clear and emotionally charged with tension.

Writing in any genre has its pitfalls but one of the challenges of writing an edge of your seat thriller is knowing what emotions and patterns are expected whilst finding original ways to deliver them and  Figueredo achieves this with consummate ease. He’s patient with his narrative allowing scenes to play out until a point is made yet never to the detriment of suspense.

On this level Dime is both stylish and provocative and whilst violent at times this grows out of the lives of his characters. There are no clichés or interchangeable characters here. Whether it’s Juan Carlos, Hugo, Shane or Mia Dawson each one earns his or her place in Figueredo’s narrative. With none more than Pierce and Alexis who have a wide-eyed likeability that keeps us rooting for them.

A powerful and engrossing novel from beginning to end, Dime proves a must-read for discerning fans of the genre and a superb debut for Figueredo. It is recommended without reservation.

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