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"Amberlie Johnson takes us deep into the world of addiction..."

Drug & Chemical Abuse Addiction & Recovery

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  • Language: ‎ English
  • Pages: ‎ 94 pages
  • Genre: Drug & Chemical Abuse Addiction & Recovery


The BookViral Review:

With a no-holds-barred, highly emotional delivery, Amberlie Johnson takes us deep into the world of addiction from the perspective of a spectator. With its raw unadulterated narrative, ‘Addiction-from the other side’ starkly conveys the suffering, not only of the addict, but the impact on those surrounding them.

With her primal delivery, Johnson ably demonstrates the harrowing experience of losing her husband to opiates on numerous occasions, only for him to be brought back from the brink of death. Her honest account of both her husband and her own actions during the time of addiction gives others both a supportive shoulder to lean on, and sound advice about ways to cope.

However, Johnson is not dogmatic in her delivery. Her choice, that of standing by her husband, she sees as hers alone, not a course of action to be blindly taken for all. Rather, she urges all in a similar position to consider their own capacity for support in light of their own strengths and coping mechanisms and make their own decision accordingly.

Nevertheless, the insight regarding reasons, behaviours and signs of the addict from a first-person perspective is sound, as are the interventions discussed, and can open the eyes of loved ones who suspect a partner, friend or relative of falling into the clutches of addiction.

In a world where the lines between prescription and recreational drugs are blurred, this personal account is a timely warning to all about the terrible consequences of opioid addiction, and the widespread problem it presents to both young and old, and poor and rich.

Johnson’s bravery, demonstrated in her honest and open delivery is to be commended, as she endeavours to share her experiences and the lessons she has learned to help others who have fallen foul to the terrible curse that is opiate addiction.

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