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A Review Of Dybbuk Boxes and How to Make Them
By Simon Thought

Dybbuk Boxes and How to Make Them
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SUMMARY: Can folklore be reality?

Part instruction manual, part ghost story collection, and part history lesson, this volume in thirteen chapters is a how-to guide for trapping an evil entity, known as a dybbuk, in a box. It describes the history of the dybbuk, and provides a number of examples and stories of dybbuk boxes, along with step-by-step instructions on how to trap these malicious beings to prevent them from harming others.

The BookViral Review:

Intriguing and compelling Dybbuk Boxes and How to Make Them may well change your perspective on the paranormal!


It’s a popular subject for both fiction and nonfiction reads and there are countless books dedicated to the subject but Thought presents us with perspectives that are both accessible and easy to reflect upon.                                                            

He opens Dybbuk Boxes and How to Make Them by saying “you are either a believer in the paranormal, a sceptic willing to explore the idea of the paranormal or a jokester looking to mock the paranormal. Whichever you are, you are welcome here.” And it’s these words that set the tone for what follows.


Refreshingly devoid of abstract complexity. Even when discussing his personal experiences with the paranormal. Thought delivers a grounded read which reflects his own practices whilst sharing accounts of Dybbuk Boxes he has collected on his travels. Accounts which are not only fascinating but will likely broker serious discussion between those drawn to the subject.


With clear instructions on how to make Dybbuk Boxes and a look at Dybbuks from a historical and religious perspective, it’s a read that even the sceptics amongst us will find hard to dismiss.


Compelling and thought-provoking Thought’s words suggest that at the very least we should evaluate our assumptions more thoughtfully with Dybbuk Boxes and How to Make Them being highly recommended.


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