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The BookViral Review:

If dystopian fiction seems overly repetitive, Aune’s “The Ripple Effect” series is jolting proof a well-thought-through narrative underpinned by extensive research can shake it from its doldrums. It was true of Books 1 and 2 and it is certainly through of Book 3 with the apt title The End Of The Beginning.

The story’s arc may feel familiar, but it isn’t utterly predictable whilst Aune’s vividly imaginative sense of craft and narrative perspective set it apart from most post-apocalyptic stories currently on offer.

Aune hasn’t set out to reinvent the genre, but his narrative flourishes make for an exciting outing. The End Of The Beginning offers an uncompromising journey through moral abandonment, greed, faith, trust and the instincts for good and bad that make us merely human.

Aune uses the genre to dig beneath themes that the vast majority of dystopian fiction only treats as skin-deep. He invites us to stand beside his characters, to become emotionally invested in them, to become immersed in their new reality, and to witness it so that we truly understand the magnitude of the quest they are on.

Aune’s intrepid ‘family’ of survivors have finally made it to Jamestown but the respite they were hoping for is not to be. They fought a bitter battle in Madera with convicts and in Jamestown the scene is set for what becomes their biggest and bloodiest battle to date. As with the previous releases in Aune’s epic series his attention to detail is superb and the mechanics of every scene are carefully considered to give each an overwhelming sense of authenticity.

But under the blood and gore, The End Of The Beginning is a reminder that both life and hope can be surprisingly durable, flexible, and morphable and by the time The End Of The Beginning arrives at its final scene we are left wondering what truly resides beneath thousands of years of human progress?

From beginning to end The End Of The Beginning is an unreservedly recommended Golden Quill read.

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