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A BookViral Review Of Liberty Bound By Nathaniel M Wrey


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  • ASIN: B087YXKKT3
  • Publisher: Waterman Books; 1st edition (2 May 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 349 pages
  • Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction


Society has turned on its head. The ‘free’ hide behind fortifications and the ‘imprisoned’ roam the wild, barren land beyond.

Finbarl-apcula guards the town of Athenia, an oasis in a parched, sparsely populated world. He keeps the citizens safe, ensures those who break the draconian laws lose their freedom, and protects what he prizes above all else: civilisation.

The BookViral Review:

An ever-popular genre, Dystopian Science Fiction continues to suffer from an abundance of mediocre stories and a lack of inventiveness but Wrey acquits himself admirably with an intriguing and original debut novel that challenges our perceptions of freedom.

Taking his readers on a harrowing journey to the last bastion of civilization, it’s rich in detail and masterfully paced leaving readers in no doubt that they’re in the hands of a flawless storyteller with a superb imagination. A storyteller who does more than spin a highly entertaining narrative, to cleverly explore human nature as he questions what it really means to be free.

One of the challenges facing authors writing in the Dystopian Science Fiction genre is that of creating believable social orders and Wrey is clearly cognizant of this. Encouraging his readers to question  what it really means to be immoral and the true meaning of control as he explores life within and beyond the walls of Athenia

His future isn’t rendered in black and white, it is beguilingly simple and devoid of complexity and yet his plot speaks to our fears of a future where we surrender more of our freedom in return for the bare necessities of life.

With a shocking discovery and his feelings for Aminatra growing ever stronger, it’s the price of this reality that Finbarl-apcula is forced to face and in doing so the scene is set for an explosive confrontation which brings the darker aspects of Wrey’s novel into focus.

A powerful and thought-provoking five-star debut for Wrey, Liberty Bound proves a must-read for discerning fans of Dystopian Science Fiction and is unreservedly recommended.

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