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A Review Of Embodying Soul By Keri Mangis

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Print Length: 215 pages

Publisher: Curiosa Publishing, LLC (2 Jun. 2020)

ASIN: B088P844GP

Language: English

Genre: Motivational Self Help

SUMMARY: A determined truth-seeker craving success and belonging unexpectedly meets her soul, leading to greater self-acceptance, a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life and death, and the realization that every new beginning provides a rich opportunity for healing and personal evolution.

The BookViral Review:

Many of us believe we have little control over our circumstances and therefore struggle to find meaning out of the things which happen to us. There are countless books dedicated to the subject but Mangis presents a view that is both original and refreshingly devoid of abstract complexity with her position on the soul being central to her thinking.

“Soul embodiment means to feel without boundaries, discrimination, or judgement all that is available to be felt in each moment”, writes Mangis. And she reminds us there is no map for navigating the complicated web of the human experience. The journey is wholly influenced by the choices we make as we navigate the ebb and flow of everyday life.

Not a read to be rushed The value of Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness is embedded in the representative journey that Mangis embarks upon to find meaning in her own life. And by lending her thoughts to the role of the soul she brings clarity and meaning which allows us to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

To achieve this she maintains a contemporary frame of reference with an emphasis on learning from our experiences which she augments with the preparation of her souls return to the Earth Realm. Her narrative playfully delivered as she articulates some of the more esoteric components of the spiritual journey.

A read that inspires, motivates and nourishes your mind (and soul) Mangis doesn’t set out to argue her perspective. She simply offers an opinion which many will find hard to ignore as she encourages us to reflect on the purpose of our existence. And Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness is recommended without reservation!


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