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A Review Of Everybody Loves Grace Book 2 By Katy McQuaid

Best Childrens Dog Books

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  • ASIN: B07S7RRXR4
  • Publisher: Everybody Loves Grace Publishing (May 26, 2019)
  • Publication date: May 26, 2019
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 55 pages
  • Genre: Children’s Dog Books


An amazingly true story that captures the heart as it moves us from laughter to tears and teaches us to believe in the power of love. This is a story of one dog’s ability to love unconditionally and maintain her courage through periods of uncertainty. It is a story that you will want to go on forever and ever. At the age of four, Grace embarked on a journey from her home on a farm to the city life of Denver, Colorado.

The BookViral Review:

Being a pet parent to a “fur ball” is a big commitment. There are so many things we take for granted. Their constant presence and the joy they bring into our lives, but sometimes events conspire against us. And occasionally we need a reminder why we should never take our time with them for granted.

McQuaid’s Everybody Loves Grace is that reminder. And in Book Two, which tells of Grace’s Adventure To The Grand Canyon, she once again spins a vibrant and insightful tale with bold words and charming illustrations that are sure to appeal to the eyes of young readers and elicit more than a few knowing nods from parents.

With Susan Lavalley’s delightful illustrations ensuring young minds don’t wander and McQuaid’s words conveying the wonders to be found in the great outdoors. It’s certainly fun to turn the pages, but more importantly, it provides for interaction between young readers and their parents. Not only soliciting questions but raising expectations for adventure beyond four walls. Especially for children with colourful imaginations and those with enquiring minds.

It’s also a social commentary on how we connect with those around us and how dogs in particular can randomly bring people together who may not have otherwise connected. With McQuaid weaving a heartfelt narrative where readers can’t help but care what is going to happen, whilst the familiarity of locales and the characters encountered will surely prompt some knowing nods.

Destined to put a smile on the faces of young readers and older readers alike Grace’s Adventure To The Grand Canyon is sure to become a family favourite and is unreservedly recommended!


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