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A Review Of Fallen Star By Ian Barker

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SUMMARY: The Fallen Boys were at their zenith when Zac’s luck ran out. How does the shock of being dumped from dazzling and conspicuous success into relative obscurity affect his fellow boy band members Karl, Ritchie and Leon?

The BookViral Review:

Brimming with great characters, warmth and laughs, Fallen Star reminds us that to be charismatic and famous is to risk losing ordinary human happiness. We’re aware of the well-trod story machinery toiling away below deck but it doesn’t matter because Barker takes the much-loved genre tropes and makes them his own.

The plot is lively, the dialogue has wit and intelligence, and Karl and Lizzie are very easy to like. We know they’re fated for each other, but we’re always quicker to see these things than the characters are because Karl isn’t just another fallen pop star. He has hidden depths and finds himself conflicted by the life he used to have and the promise of a life with Lizzie. A down-to-earth alternative to the countless groupies who have come and gone.

Lizzie takes him at face value and together they have the first normal date he’s had in years. And this is where Barker’s story really comes into its own. Capturing moments when they are just a normal couple. Hand in hand, wandering through the city but pausing for moments of truth when Karl finds himself torn between new opportunities and Lizzie finds herself wondering if it could really work between them.

With a cheerful assortment of lovable friends and family and the obligatory cad in their midst Barker’s often humorous narrative is perfectly paced as it heads towards a cracking ending. Sure to leave a smile on your face Fallen Star is a must-read for fans of humorous romantic fiction and is highly recommended.

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