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A Review Of SAGA The Brave By Quincy A. Mosley

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Print length: 339 pages


Language: English

Genre: Fantasy Adventure Fiction


We begin this story with Archelo, the young and sheltered son of a 1st Knight. Raised in the vast Kingdom of Silverone, one of the many nations found in the world of Sagacia. A young man born into nobility, still unsure of his place in this Kingdom. That is, until an unfortunate series of events forces him on a journey for which he is unprepared. Follow this young man as he comes to grips with a certain inevitability, and finds within himself a virtue praised and admired by all. The first book and introduction into the SAGA universe.

The BookViral Review:

With a host of daily new releases readily catering to the insatiable appetites of Fantasy readers Mosley certainly seems ready to make his mark on the genre with the release of SAGA: The Brave.

It is an immersive read that grabs your attention early on, then grows at a staggering rate as you find yourself launched through Mosley’s fantastic Kingdom of Silverone.  Meeting wonderful characters, and caught in magnetic prose that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Mosley has a genuine talent for building upon the best parts of what makes fantasy great and in SAGA: The Brave he elevates it all with his own dash of chaos and wonder.

Fielding a refreshingly original plot it’s Mosley’s characters that drive this storyline. They are imaginative and thoughtfully introduced. Bringing depth, complexity and emotional weight. From his opening chapters, primary characters like Archelo, Dantel and Chelo take on a life of their own and yet the stakes never feel one-sided. But it’s Mosley’s evocative world-building prowess that really sets this tale apart. He has a meticulous eye for detail and a vivid imagination which are well captured on the page as the time-honoured theme of good versus evil takes on a refreshingly unfamiliar dimension.

An ambitious start to an exciting new series with much potential SAGA: The Brave is sure to attract many enthusiastic readers and is strongly recommended.

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