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Fantasy& Magic Books For Children

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  • ASIN: ‎ B09VDNTFB4
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 170 pages
  • Page numbers source ISBN: ‎ B09WKW8FGQ
  • Genre: Fantasy& Magic For Children

The BookViral Review:

A wonderfully feisty mystical adventure, reminiscent of a traditional fairy tale but with a scientific twist, ‘The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey-The Emerald Lake’ offers a wonderful mix of reverie, extending and bending realism with fantastical ideas.

A great introduction to the fantasy genre, ‘The Emerald Lake’ is magnificent in its ideas and imaginative in its execution, building an exciting multi-dimensional story of magic and mayhem.

Absorbing and totally entrancing, Wallace Brigg’s tale offers just the right mix and amount of well-chosen and developed characters to create a warm and cooperative community. Magical but somehow strangely believable, they exhibit both faults and superhuman powers, sometimes humorous and at other times mind-blowingly amazing. Accompanying these fanciful personas, universe layering hints at exciting sub-worlds and parallel societies which pull the reader in and leave them itching to learn more.

Emphasising the entanglements of existing, new and sometimes unsettling relationships, Briggs touches on teenage emotion and bravery, promoting a positive view of and to the young, thus presenting the idea of a conscientious and responsible youth to those starting out on this seemingly perilous journey, echoed cleverly by the adventure that plays out centre stage.

One of a series of ‘Jimmy Crikey’ books, which address real-life problems such as bullying, difference and inclusion, Brigg’s uses his books to teach valuable lessons and allay anxiety as children begin to negotiate the transition between childhood and adulthood.

Set in the context of our own planet but extending far beyond in both physical and extradimensional forces, Briggs stretches the limits of what we know is scientifically possible, bringing nature into play for good, as Wallace and his friends battle to save the day. Young readers will build knowledge of understanding of the wonders of our natural world and universe almost unconsciously as they are weaved seamlessly throughout the storyline.

Gripping throughout, the story culminates with beseeching higher powers to intervene, reminiscent of the ancient gods and forces of nature which underpin human belief.

Furthermore, Briggs weaves a rich tapestry of vocabulary and description into his writing, creating imagery which is not only captivating in its own right but implicitly widens the cultural capital of his young readers, thus supporting them with academic learning.

A thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and engrossing read do not be surprised to find your young child under the covers with a torch reading well into the night…!

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