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A BookViral Review Of Ferret by C C Wyatt

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SUMMARY: Pia Wade’s life is a book with torn-out pages, she sees things no one else can, and she has weird dreams. It all started four years ago when she mysteriously vanished in the night. One problem though, she has no memory of the incident whatsoever, yet claims she was kidnapped.

The BookViral Review:

A highly original and hugely entertaining YA Fantasy novel the delightfully titled Ferret proves a strong debut release for Wyatt and one that’s set to garner much interest. Taking her cues from the best in the genre she has woven a rich multi-layered paranormal fantasy novel that is both well-conceived and vibrantly rendered with characters in Pia and Cameron who are immediately endearing.  A feast for active imaginations her world building is conceptually unique without relying on stereotypical genre tropes as she moves between worlds with her plot underpinned by a dynamic narrative. Whipping along at a cracking pace, brimming with inventiveness, with twists and turns that are wholly unpredictable, Wyatt certainly has a natural flair for writing in this genre with an uncommon warmth and depth to her writing which captures an undertone of magic that crosses multiple genres. YA Fantasy is a magical genre but for novels to really work they require a willingness from readers to suspend their disbelief and readily embrace the nuances of a story. Few authors really achieve this but Wyatt genuinely does and you know from the opening pages that you’ve started reading something rather special.

The beginning of a wonderful new series, Ferret will certainly prove a boon for fans of the ever popular YA Fantasy genre, with Wyatt quick to garner much deserved praise. It is highly recommended.

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