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A Review Of Frankie The Ferret By Kimberley Paterson
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Classic Illustrated Childrens Books

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Format: Kindle & Paperback

Print Length: 13 pages

Publication Date: July 13, 2020

Language: English


SUMMARY: Most people have a pet, typically a cat or dog but every now and then, there are more exotic pets such as snakes or hedgehogs but have you ever had a pet ferret? Frankie was our beloved pet for nine years and provided us with endless amusement with his funny little antics. Would you like to meet him, then let’s go……through this book, you will be able to live a day in the life of a very busy furry little fellow!

The BookViral Review: Deceptive in its delightful simplicity Frankie The Ferret is a beguiling tale that draws its magic from the relationship between children and their animal friends with each scene cleverly illustrated to ensure young minds don’t wander.

It’s certainly fun to turn the pages, but more importantly, it provides for interaction between young readers and their parents. Not only soliciting questions but raising expectations for adventure beyond four walls as Frankie interacts with his friends.

“I love to play with others, Cats, and dogs, and people too. It never is a bother, And it does not matter who,” Frankie says and with these enchanting words Paterson captures the essence of all children’s classics. Stoking the flames of imagination, whilst teaching children to value our animal friends for the unique individuals they are and the joy they bring into our lives.

With its muted colour palette and classic illustration style Frankie The Ferret makes for an endearing and timeless story that will continue to linger in the minds of young readers. It is highly recommended.

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