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A BookViral Review Of Fully Alive By Michael J. Surdyka

Conquering Addiction

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SUMMARY: Addiction has been ravaging the world for centuries, yet lifelong sobriety continues to elude many who search after it earnestly. Why is this? The current uninspired success rates for sustained, long-term sobriety provide a significant clue to this question. It appears that there is a conceptual link absent from the addiction-recovery and relapse prevention processes: the ability to harness the power of one’s individuality in a productive and beneficial way. 

The BookViral Review: With memoirs growing ever popular you can find a host of bestselling books dedicated to addiction. Up-close portraits of the mind of addicts they put a human face on an escalating crisis and yet few come close to Surdyka and Fully Alive when it comes to offering genuine insight on how to beat addiction.

“I am not a doctor or a counsellor; just someone with a lot of heart and passion, who is utterly sick of watching this epidemic of addiction destroy the lives of families across the country,” says Surdyka but don’t make the mistake of underestimating his contribution. Surdyka writes from personal experience and by conquering his own addiction he’s created a powerful framework to help others.

Surdyka set out to develop a straightforward, no-nonsense recovery guide and support system that’s resilient enough to withstand anything life may throw at it and it’s clear from the start that there’s a sharp and enquiring mind behind the pen.

He calls it his “Sobriety Blueprint” and it pivots on the critical importance of individuality in recovery success whilst building on what Surdyka describes as four indispensable cornerstones. These are Self-Reflection, Diet & Exercise, New Friends & Hobbies, and Spirituality with each explored in practical terms and through three inspirational case studies.

In doing so Surdyka not only shows how to build “a rock-solid recovery foundation” but how to ensure sobriety preservation. This includes developing a robust relapse defence and as such will serve as a life-changing inspiration to many of his readers.

A powerful and practical guide to sustainable recovery Fully Alive: Using Your Individuality to Conquer Addiction is recommended without reservation.

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