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A BookViral Review Of Goat Song By Thomas Drago

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SUMMARY: Not everyone belongs. Not everyone knows where they should be. The world pushes us but not always in the right direction. Sometimes we end up where we don’t want to go. Where we can’t trust what we see or believe what we feel. When the company’s producer is murdered, Gabriela follows a trail of ghosts and demons into hidden underground tunnels where she must stop an ancient ritual to raise the dead before the entire town is destroyed. Before the world she clings to slips through her fingers. Before her only choice is to turn back and risk losing all that she loves forever.

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The supernatural, metaphor, broad religious, philosophical and metaphysical themes have long been the backbone of top-notch horror novels. They have the perplexing logic of a nightmare, in which nothing first appears to fit and everything seems inevitable. The genre continues to grow in popularity yet few authors truly shine. Drago is one of the latter. His Crow Creek novels take the best elements of horror, mystery, science fiction and action/adventure in an exuberant exercise in style that rivals the best in genre and Goat Song sees him at his very best.

With each new release in the Crow Creek series, Drago’s characters reveal different facets to their nature and on this level, he succeeds in keeping them unnervingly “real.” Central to his narrative in Goat Song are Sheriff Brad Gleason (who is central to the previously released Crow Creek novels) and Gabriela Rossi whilst it’s Pastor Aken who arguably sets the tone.

Hypnotic and sensuous with an otherworldly elegance Drago must have had fun developing his character as Aken’s image seems to linger on every page though ultimately Drago’s storyline belongs to Gabriela who must unravel the mystery and horrors of Crow Creek to stop the dead rising and find out who she is.

Unrelentingly entertaining. Drago once again delivers a superb read and Goat Song is recommended without reservation.

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