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A BookViral Review Of Good Morning, Bellingham

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SUMMARY: When Peta goes missing, a two-decade old secret threatens to rip at the seams and come out in the open. Relationships are tested as one dysfunctional family comes together in search of their daughter, sister, and wife. What they find instead will change each one of them forever.

The BookViral Review: A gem of an offering in Women’s Psychological Fiction Good Morning, Bellingham proves a thoughtful, deeply poignant and splendidly written novel with Raydun at her very best. 

Mixing top-notch suspenseful storytelling with the kind of razor-edged observation we come to expect from genre bestsellers she certainly gets us thinking with plot twists derived from its moral conundrums as opposed to narrative sleight of hand as Raydun explores malcontent and long buried secrets. On this level, Raydun’s novel is stylish, twisted, daring, smart and dark. This isn’t the first time she’s forced us to question what we’re reading and it soon becomes clear that the central mystery of Peta’s disappearance hinges less on what happened to her and more on who she was beneath the veneer of her celebrity status.


Whether it’s darting between past and present, or juxtaposing Peta’s journal Raydun has the rare ability to keep a story moving on multiple levels. Commanding her readers’ attention from multiple character perspectives whilst avoiding the genres trite and tired tropes her denouement is perfectly pitched and for many readers the moral quandaries she presents will leave them deep in thought.


Superbly written nail biting Psychological Fiction and highly enjoyable Good Morning, Bellingham is recommended without reservation.

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