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A BookViral Review Of Hoggrills End By Felix Schrodinger

Schrödinger’s cat

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SUMMARY: ‘Schrödinger’s cat’ was an infamous and cruel thought experiment dreamt up in the last century to expose one of the mistaken ideas current in science at that time. Now the cat is out of the bag and, in revenge, he has written up his own ideas on the false trails that modern science has followed. With time to spare he has worked with a number of strange authors to collate this varied and thought-provoking anthology with themes varying from the Falklands War, LGBT, Eastern religion and even Russian spies in the Sub Continent.

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A highly original and thought-provoking collection of short stories, Hoggrills End proves a superb introduction to Schrödinger’s literary dalliances. It’s an eclectic mix with no central theme but these are stories where everyday triumphs intrigues and tragedies are briefly illuminated whilst the complexities of relationships are laid bare. They range from the melancholy or intriguing to mischievous, and experimental and combined they certainly highlight the variety and vibrancy that short stories well told offer their readers.

Whilst brief many have the richness of a novel, with well-nuanced language and deftly conjured moods which momentarily transport us to different times and places. There’s Business As Usual which puts us in the cockpit of a Super Étendard during the Falklands War, The Immaculate Conception with its bittersweet ending and others like Lurning Inglish which whilst hilarious is incredibly astute in its observation of the English language. Underpinned by a philosophical tenor the search for truth and identity runs through many of the narratives whilst examining the ways in which people connect.

With short-form fiction, prose can often be so lacking in emotional content as to almost feel bereft of life but Schrödinger brings an emotionally charged sense of immediacy to his words which is wholly addictive and makes for a genuine page-turner. It is recommended without reservation

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