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A Review Of Ungodly By Braedon Riddick

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Wicked phenomena strike the isolated campus of Calisade Mountain College. A homeless man sees his dead son in an abandoned dormitory, pursues the boy inside, and meets his demise. In the dark of night, a student witnesses a man plummet from a high-rise — a surefire suicide — but the detectives find no body. A campus police officer suddenly develops a taste for rape — and a homicidal hunger. The townspeople always sensed an intangible wrongness on the mountain . . . even before the evil enigma was afoot.

The BookViral Review:

A pacey and spine-tingling supernatural thriller filled with suspense and tension throughout, Ungodly is the debut novel from author Braedon Riddick and it’s one you’re sure to remember!

Dark and powerful it radiates malevolence, as Riddick takes his readers on a harrowing journey, underpinned by an intriguing plot. Building his fictional setting and characters with a meticulous eye to deliver much more than a trite horror fest.

The horror genre is at its best when exploring something real by taking readers to extremes and Riddick understands this. Not only taking us on a visceral, pulp-infused thrill ride but giving us something very real to think about.

With brusque prose and a notable sense of timing, he blunts the edge of predictability by delivering a host of inspired cliff-hanger scenes and opportune surprises that make for a highly imaginative and well-executed narrative. His writing absolutely shining when he depicts his most grizzly settings with each one brought eerily to life with a creeping sense of dread.

He has one aim; it’s to raise the hairs on the back of your neck and keep them that way until the very end of the book, and he does it with calculated ease. But sometimes horror, even at its darkest, is the window dressing for something tenderer as it is with the burgeoning relationship between Brian and Amanda. The evil they face is huge and incomprehensible, but not, in the end, insurmountable, and much of Ungodly’s power comes from the ultimate hard-won victory and the sacrifice one of them must pay.

An enthralling and captivating supernatural horror debut, Ungodly suggests a bright future for  Riddick with it sure to be well received by fans of horror and supernatural fiction. It is recommended without reservation!

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