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"A captivatingly voyeuristic novel from J J Sorel!"

Hot Billionaire Romance Novels

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  • ASIN: ‎ B0B1W7HCKX
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 365 pages
  • Genre:   Action & Adventure Romance Fiction

The BookViral Review:

One of those rare Billionaire Romance novels that actually works Awakened By A Billionaire weaves romance, sex and intrigue into a no holds barred steam fest with Sorel proving herself to be once again on fine form!

Sorel’s first offering in her LOVECHILDE SAGA series doesn’t have a particularly complex plot but it doesn’t need one as Sorel’s forte is in finding the perfect balance between blossoming romance and heart-rending indecision coupled with superb character development.

There’s all the drama and susceptibilities expected of the genre with a sprightly narrative and richly layered detail that creates a genuine sense of authenticity. But what makes Sorel’s tale most notable is her unerring ability to delve into the minds of her characters who she vividly brings to life.

On this level, she’s penned more than a captivatingly voyeuristic novel. It’s piquant and playful as she puts us in touch with the battle of emotions raging in Declan and Theadora. We know what we want to happen – what must happen, given the conventions of the genre and yet Sorel still manages to keep her readers on tenterhooks to the final chapter.

It’s sad but nevertheless true that far too many releases in the Billionaire Romance genre simply lurch from one jarring, implausible moment to another whilst pedaling the trite message that men, especially rich men, have all the power. So be sure to do what they tell you, and maybe they’ll treat you nicely… but fans of the genre are demanding more and Sorel is acutely aware of this.

Yes Sorel turns up the heat as sparks fly between Declan and Theodora but Awakened By A Billionaire is as much about good heartedness as it is about romance and Sorel handles Theadora’s transition from down and out to the echelons of the mega-rich with admirable aplomb whilst Declan’s tenderness, warmth and graciousness are apparent on every page to keep Sorel’s story touching throughout.

As good as the genre gets and splendidly written Awakened By A Billionaire’s emotional narrative hits all the right notes as Sorel sets up the rest of her LOVECHILDE SAGA series with its unresolved questions and a cliff-hanger ending. A five-star for fans of the genre it is recommended without reservation!

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