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A BookViral Review Of If It Ain't One Thing By Mary Morony

SUMMARY: Nearly forty years ago, when she left home and moved to New York, Sallee Mackey was ready to start her law career and find a man to love. Peter seemed just the guy—a glamorous attorney who was different in all the right ways. Her family didn’t always approve of him, but Sallee stuck by his side, even when it pushed her away from the Mackey clan.

The BookViral Review: There are books readers rave about, but there are just a few they really come to love, whether it’s because they read them at certain pivotal times, or because they become enamoured with their sheer brilliance. Mary Morony’s Apron Strings Trilogy is surely amongst the latter. There is a tendency for authors to simplify, to make everything more accessible with a plot and characters distilled into simple-mindedness. In contrast, Mary Morony writes novels that are considerably more demanding and rewarding and on this level If It Ain’t One Thing proves to be her strongest release to date. Readers who have followed her southern saga from the start will know it’s a sweeping epic of familial triumphs and tragedies through which Morony examines the sometimes painful, often tender, and invariably complex connections that bind generations of a family together. In the hands of a less talented writer thematic material such as this might well have become overly didactic, but in the hands of Mary Morony, who has a wonderful eye for nuance, a fine ear for dialogue and genuine empathy for her subject matter the result is a wonderfully written jewel of a book.

Recommended without reservation, If It Ain’t One Thing is an absolute must read and a superb ending to a notable Trilogy. Pick up where book 2 ended or go back to the beginning with Apron Strings, We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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