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• Publisher: Books on Demand; 1st edition (19 Sept. 2018)
• Language: English
• Print length: 306 pages
• Genre: Thrillers


An old wisdom states that crime is the root of all riches.
Oscar Ortiz, a fun-loving, astute guy, follows this wisdom on his odyssey from bitter poverty in his childhood to infinite wealth in middle age.

The BookViral Review:

Soundly executed, smart and fast-paced, in Impetuous – The Odyssey of a Solitary Man Aguilar takes a plausible narrative and delivers a power-packed thriller where the pace rarely wanes.

With increasing numbers of thrillers centering on protagonists who are overly masochistic, Oscar Antonio Ortiz Acosta makes for a refreshing change. He’s not the kind of character who engenders anthropological detachment and Aguilar’s narrative isn’t one where the characters all come with labels. They don’t conform to genre tropes and here he’s created a cast of individuals unburdened by crime novel clichés.

We get the impression we are reading about real criminals. In part because he references non-fictional characters who are widely known but more importantly because Aguilar understands the criminal personality. Set against his South American and other international backdrops this allows him to explore its links between ruthlessness, grandiosity and greed in the context of the illegal drug trade and how it destroys people’s lives.

Clever and inventive, Aguilar’s plot is a model of implacable storytelling but dig a little deeper and it’s also a poignant reflection of the times we live in. The trade in illegal drugs remains endemic and in telling Oscar’s story he evokes a strong sense of place, moral choices, immoral certainties and human nature. The pitch and momentum hold our focus with Aguilar rarely sparing detail but perhaps more importantly he leaves us with something to think about beyond what proves to be a cracking ending.

As good as the genre gets, Impetuous – The Odyssey of a Solitary Man proves highly entertaining with a great cast of characters and is unreservedly recommended.

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